Board leash




Most dogs have a tendency to pull because they do not feel comfortable or because as puppies they were not educated. NO SHOCK Easy Clutch can teaches the dogs to pull less right from when they are puppies; the clutch works with a flick of wrist, and can also be activated manually to slow the dog removing tension in your arm.

The dog, feeling resistance, will slow his pace making your walks more pleasant and getting your dog used to pulling less.


NO SHOCK Easy Clutch has a new patented innovative system made in Italy (Automatic Clutch). The system is very simple but highly effective; when the lead is pulled sharply a clutch is automatically activated that slows down and and eliminates the jerking.

At this point we stop the dog and the dog won’t pull.


The size of our leash is designed to reach the right balance between a small, tapered female hand and a large male hand. We have developed 6 types depending on the weight of the dog varying the type of clutch, with sling or lanyard, without ever altering the external dimension of the leash.

For this reason, NO SHOCK Easy Clutch has a nice grip, thanks to rubber pads which give it a soft, non-slip grip. In this way we privilege comfort, lightness and aesthetics, while maintaining the performance of our preventative system.


NO SHOCK Easy Clutch is designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, by carefully choosing the highest quality materials. Each leash is tested through repeated simulation with loads up to 5 times greater than those produced by the dogs.

Design, attractive styling and refined colors, make ours not only a very useful and indispensable instrument for all dog owners, but also a leash to buy just because it is good to look at and a pleasure to own.

NO SHOCK Easy Clutch,
a new way of understanding the leash!